Naples, FL Beach Couples Session//Brandi + Jonathan

August 29, 2020

Port- Royal, Naples, FL- Beach Couples Session// Brandi + Jonathan Brandi and Jonathan are one of the cutest couples I have ever met. We met a few weeks ago in Naples, FL at the beach for their couples session and and even though the weather wasn’t as sunny as you might want it for your engagement photos, but we still had so much fun running in the sand and dipping our feet in the ocean! I always want my couples to be super comfortable in front of my camera, so a shoot is not just a shoot for me, I usually just hang out with my couples beforehand, like grabbing a drink, or sharing a car ride, but since Covid is still around, we didn’t this time, so we chatted a bit when we arrived at the beach, before I even took out my camera. Brandi and I met over Instagram, sharing our love for our pups- she literally has the cutest dog ever, and became online friends. We live in the same town, so we have friends in common, but we only met that day at the beach. Here are a few of my favorites from their beach session:

Brandi set up the cutest picnic at the beach and while these two were busy eating, laughing and enjoying themselves, I took out my camera and took some cute shots of them. After a while, we left the picnic blanket behind and ventures down the beach, laughing and praying that it wouldn’t rain on us, like it does so many times in FL during the summer months. The blues of water and sky were just unbelievably beautiful that night and that shows you that you don’t always need the perfect warm sunsets for your photos to turn out beautiful!! Brandi And Jonathan are just such a beautiful and gorgeous couple and their love for each other just shines through all of these photos!!

This is probably one of my favorite photos of them from this shoot!

Can you see the storm clouds brewing over the ocean? It was just so crazy to see, how it was thundering over there and we didn’t get anything, thankfully!

So in love with how these turned out and how they reflect their personalities and their love for each other. If I can make my couples FEEL something when viewing their photos, I think I have done my job 🙂 Because, creating something that’ll last forever, that’s what it’s all about!