Ft. Lauderdale Engagement Session: Julia + John

August 29, 2020

Ft. Lauderdale, FL- Engagement Session

Julia and John found me on Instagram and booked me for their wedding in January in Ft. Lauderdale the beginning of next year. We soon agreed on an engagement session in Davie, Florida in a State Park I had never shot before. The location turned out to be amazing, seriously, have you guys ever seen such an amazing tree/plant before?
Julia and John had a vision for their shoot, they set up a picknick blanket, pillows, flowers, a basket filled with plates, glasses, grapes, strawberries and candles. After setting up everything, they realized, that they had forgotten the best part, the champagne- haha! Anyways, it might have been a little early in the day to start drinking, so it all worked out great 🙂
I told them to snuggle up on their blanket and pillow fort, and just pretend it was a normal Saturday, enjoying the warm Florida winter sun.
I always try to give my couples some space in the beginning and also try to get to know them a bit, their story and how they met. Julia and John met years a go over My Space and went on a double date. John was the guy her friend brought and soon they found, that they connected on so many levels. The rest is history 🙂


How cute is this setup? It was so much fun photographing these two cuties 🙂

After a while we left the picknick set up and started to stroll around and explore the place. We said hi to the cutest horses, that crossed our way and ran through the field.

I always try to look for the best light and the sun was just shimmering through these trees in the back. Love!

We ventured through the tropical forest and I absolutely loved the feel of this location. Especially once the sun started to set. Made my job as a Davie, FL Engagement and Weddingphotographer extra special.