For most photographers all around the world, summer is the busiest season, but here in SW Florida it rains every day for hours and so this is our slow season. Every bride runs the risk of getting rained out if she plans an outdoor wedding- and truth be told- most do, since it is definitely gorgeous here....:)

So, I spend my afternoons with the kids, going to the beach or just swimming in the pool if it is nice outside, but on rainy days like today, we decided to make our own Nutella. And I love Nutella- actually I love all kinds of chocolate- but Nutella was in our house since I was a kid! But seriously, it's so full of sugar that I feel it's like eating cake frosting for breakfast and I wanted the kids to have a healthier version of this... And it's so easy to make, only four ingredients....

2 cups of roasted hazelnuts- you blend them in your mixer ( I used our Vitamix) for about 5 minutes and then you add 3 Tbs. of raw cacao powder, 1/4 cup of maple syrup and after all is blended nicely,you slowly add a 1/4 cup of water. E' voila': Nutritious 'Nutella'- so yummy...:)