Personal- Getting published

When you are trying to grow your brand, you put in hours and hours of hard work, learning, photographing, editing. I can't count how many times I have shot a chair back lit, shooting as much as once every hour to see where the light takes me and how to adjust my settings, so I get it right in camera. I have learned Photoshop and Lightroom, and I am trying to learn how to market my brand. There are days, I just want to through the towel, days where I compare myself to others and think that my best is just not good enough....For me marketing my brand is the hardest part, but I am trying to get better, post more regularly- not always easy with three kids and their homework and after school activities. But it's still hard to get the word out there. Most of clients until now came by referral from other clients. But since I am in a demographic where most of the people I know are already married and have kids, getting into wedding photography is much harder for me, than let's say taking family pictures..:) . So I am thankful for my friends- the people I work with, the fantastic vendors who do amazing things in their field and- who refer me because they know my work, my personality and my style.

And then... once in a while you get these couples who are absolutely gorgeous and their love is just radiant and explosive- the light is right, the posing is easy and fun- and you produce something that not only you are proud of and your clients love- but even editors pour their love out to you. This is one of the times that this happened to me- and since I am relatively new to the wedding biz- it is just feels amazing and it puts me in a place where I think that maybe my best can be enough- at least for now...

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