When I was a kid we moved a lot. My dad was a mechanical engineer and worked for the automotive industry all over Europe. When I was four or five years old we moved to Clermont- Ferrand in Auvergne, Central France. Of course I did not know any French and as soon as we got there I started preschool. I was already a shy, awkward little girl and not knowing the language did not make life any easier for me. So my mom packed a bag of snacks each morning and made me hand it out in class to all my classmates...Little by little the kids got to know me for my awesome snacks -thanks to my even more awesome mom :)- and preschool started to be fun as I went along and learned the language and made new friends. I don't know why this picture reminded me of my preschool years, maybe it is because of the awkwardness of a flower growing inside a tree... Here is to the courage of being different and finding your way- however awkward you might feel!